We provide a range of opportunities exclusively for alumni to serve current students. For questions about service, please contact us here.


Professional alumni help high school students prepare for college and a career through one-to-one same gender mentoring.



Speak to a Class

Professional alumni speak to students in targeted classes to share their personal journey and guidance on achieving success in college and a career.



Mentor as a College Student

Recent alumni currently attending college help high school students apply and transition to college through one-to-one same gender mentoring.



Recent alumni support strategic planning and coordination with the central p.s. alumni team.


 Support the DREAM-Specialized High Schools Institute

Specialized high school alumni help middle school students in DREAM-SHSI learn about the specialized high schools and what to expect from attending one.

Donations help students receive an excellent education by supporting three key areas: academic excellence, innovation, and student & community support.




If you attended a New York City public school, help us build the first citywide public school alumni network. Sign up here to stay connected with ways to become an active alum in helping prepare students for life after public school.